Sunday, December 26, 2010

*Our Washington DC/Virginia trip 2010*

Each State has its own little Christmas tree around the National
Christmas Tree...pretty neat!

This is the National Christmas Tree near the White House...I hope it looks
better at night LOL

The Lone Sailor statue is a composite of the U.S. Navy bluejacket, past, present and future. He's called the Lone Sailor, yet he is hardly ever alone, standing there on the broad granite plaza, which forms the amphitheater of the Navy Memorial.

As part of the casting process, the bronze for The Lone Sailor was mixed with artifacts from eight U. S. Navy ships, provided by the curator for the Navy in the Naval Historical Center at the Washington Navy Yard.


*Smithsonian air and space museum*
in Washington DC

I had a lot of fun taking pictures in the Museum...


Cyn said...

what a wonderful vacation! I so would love to go that way in the country and see things. I have never been eat of New Mexico..isnt that sad? lol

THanks for sharing all the pics!