Saturday, February 28, 2009

*I didn't drop of the earth...*

...I'm so sorry that I didn't post anything lately...

On the 22nd of December my husband came home from his 14 month deployment from Iraq...finally :) We have to catch up on a lot of things...
It is so nice to have him home again :) He was on leave for a few weeks...the 1st week he relaxed and the 2nd week we took on a big project...we put hard wood floors down...OMG it is sooo much you can see *Spooky* my 6 old month kitten was "helping me" took us forever but it we love how it changed our home...and we put tiles in our guest bathroom. We glued the wooden floor down...I was the glue girl :)...this glue was absolutely crazy! Anyway...we have a beautiful floor now but I have carpal tunnel syndrome on both arms :( it is pretty painful! I'm wearing my stabilizers at night...slowly but surely it is getting better YEAH

Kevin will go back to college for 1 year...after that he has to go for 6-8 month to Captain's school in a different State...but I will stay put :)
This upcoming year, I will take the opportunity to spend as much time with my husband as possible...after this 1 year in school he will be very busy again and he will work long hours.

I will not stop making dolls...I'm planing to sew a doll here and there but not regulary...I hope you understand...I will keep you updated...I will send you an email when I offer a new doll :)

I also included a picture of us all dressed up...we had a Tribute ball to our fallen Soldier's in our Battalion...

Hugs to all of you :)