Monday, August 30, 2010

*Home again*

Good Morning :)

We are back again...Kevin and I had a wonderful time in Germany with my family and friends :)

My Mom spoiled us rotten LOL but she loves to cook and bake for people...I wish I could say that too :) I hope my husband don't get the idea that I'm going to bake every day now he he

We had a great time there, my Mom didn't see Kevin for 8 was so sweet to listen to them when my Mom tried to speak English and Kevin tried to speak German...every once in a while is was saying *Ivonne I need your heeelp, I have no clue what your Mom is trying to tell me* so sweet...

We still have a little bit of jet lag...I will post pics from our vaccation in a couple of days...

Have a wonderful day :)

Good to be home again...Smiles Ivonne

Thursday, August 19, 2010

*Gift from my Mom*

Kevin and I are having a wonderful time here in Germany :) The weather is wonderful right now...the first few days we had lots of rain but now the weather is perfect!

My Birthday is around the corner and my Mom gave me this beautiful

I wanted to share a picture with you :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

*Gifts for my Family in Germany*

I thought I make a few gifts for my family in Germany :)

I used a pattern by *Jenny Hoffma

This was done by a pattern by *With Thy Needle and Thread*

I made this lovely pillow by a design from *Stacy Nash*

Thursday, August 5, 2010

*My newest Finishes*

I love Cross stitching! In my spare time in the evening
I pick up the needle and thread and stitch relaxing!

I made this pillow from a pattern called
*Love & Be Loved*
by With thy Needle and Thread...
I altered it a little bit...I'm going to make this one into a little pillow...for the back
I will use stained olive Matka...wonderful fabric.

I made this for my Mom :)


I made this wonderful piece called *Tulip Garden*
from a pattern by The Goode Huswife...
I probably will frame it.

Smiles Ivonne

*Another Swap*

I'm so exited :) Today, I received my Swap from my longtime friend

Her work is so beautiful, you need to check out her wonderful blog...I love everything she send me:)

I received from Pam a Backgammon Bord, Spooky Town sign and the Paddle :)

The color combination and workmanship blowes me away...
my whole house is decorated with her signs...I collect her work :)

Thank you so much Pammie :) I love EVERYTHING!!!

Smiles Ivonne




Sunday, August 1, 2010

*TDIPT Mercantile*

I'm taking my Summer break...
I will offer new Banners again in September 1st on
TDIPT Mercantile...and Ebay.

Smiles Ivonne

P.S. Yes, that is me...having fun with mud at the Turkey Creek in Indiana :)