Thursday, August 5, 2010

*Another Swap*

I'm so exited :) Today, I received my Swap from my longtime friend

Her work is so beautiful, you need to check out her wonderful blog...I love everything she send me:)

I received from Pam a Backgammon Bord, Spooky Town sign and the Paddle :)

The color combination and workmanship blowes me away...
my whole house is decorated with her signs...I collect her work :)

Thank you so much Pammie :) I love EVERYTHING!!!

Smiles Ivonne





Nan ~ Threadwork Primitives said...

Pam's gameboards and signs are so great. I can't believe we both have the same backgammon board now.
What an awesome swap. What did you make Pam?

The Crackling Crows said...

I know...Pambery spoiled me rotten!!! I made her a Noel banner and BOO banner...and send some Pecans along...I'm happy you liked your Pecans...hey they are from here they MUST taste good LOL
I love the Backgammon board...she made it a little bit different then your board but I love both finishes a lot :) she is so very talented!

GoldieLoo Woodworks said...

Awww shucks, thanks you guys. :)

Thanks again Ivonne, Im in awe of my wonderful banners. I think I made myself sick eatting so many pecans yesterday,lol!

Grateful hugs~~Pam