Saturday, September 11, 2010

*Fun Photoshoot*

I had my first *Photoshoot* with the kids of my Friend...they are so adoreable I had lot's of fun taking pictures with them.
I'm thinking to take Photography more seriously, I have the professional equipment now I need the tools for it. I'm thinking to take Photography classes and Photoshop classes...I'm so interested in this field!

We found out that we have to move in about 14 month (Army), so we
have to put our home on the market...
you never know when people want to see the house, that means

I have to have my house super clean all times...making banners is pretty messy when itcomes to the sanding part :(

I might have to stop making banners for a while, not sure yet, but that would be the
perfect oppertunity to take classes and study Photography :)


bayrayschild said...

Hi Ivonne, Love your photos!

Funny, I kept looking at one of the pictures and saying to myself that the oldest girl looks like my friends daughter "Emily".
How funny, I guess what they say about us having a twin out there somewhere is true. What's even more funny is they share the same name.

Wishing you luck with with selling your house, settling someplace new and Photography!


GoldieLoo Woodworks said...

Love these,very nice work Ivonne. I look forward to seeing more shots from you.

Maggie/Cedar Hill Rustics said...

Ivonne.... these photos are absolutly beautiful. And the girls are too. Hope you don't have to put the sewing machine, and stuff away for long.