Wednesday, September 17, 2008

On Sunday, my Mom and I went with my Sister and her Family to *Dinkelsbuehl* it is a wonderful city! If you ever go to Germany, you need to go there!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Ahhh Germany! we got to go there when stationed in Naples Italy..we got as far as Garmish..we drove from naples to Germany..hit a bunch of places and got to see the famous Disney Castle..I just loved Germany..Very clean and just beautiful..I love all the photos you the big cart with all the veggies, corn..great photos...take care and enjoy your time with your family...:)

The Simply Prim Shoppe said...

I will have to share these pictures with my sister and her husband. They lived in Germany for 4 years. He was stationed in Germany with the Air Force and she loved it there. They want to go back and visit some day. Thanks for sharing your pictures. They will bring back some wonderful memories for them.

Pea said...

doesn't look like it has changed a bit. Those places are some of the tours we took and loved it all. I have a angel from The Augustine Monastery that sits above my desk. I actually had a pair but when I friend of mine's child has RSV and wasn't expected to live I gave the second one to her. That baby is now 16 and still has that angel hanging in his room.
Kind Ludwig was so very interesting to us. I bought several book on him. A man well beyond the times. The hall of mirrors made after King Louis the 14th was almost exact.
Thank you taking me back to such wonderful memories and yes Germany is the cleanest Country I have ever seen.
Enjoy your vacation.