Wednesday, September 10, 2008

*I'm connected to the world again*

Heeeeeello it's me :) my Mom got connected to the internet...YIPPEE
I'm doing fine...the flight was not too bad...I flew with Northwest Airlines and they were awesome! They fed us constantly and it was good food!

Mom and I try to get the huge garden back in Dad was a gardener by heart and he did my Mom was lost...I think I got a lot from my Dad...I love gardening :)

Everyday, I get up at 8:30am and eat breakfast and go back to bed til is too cold for me he he I'm not used to this weather Mom is laughing about me because I'm always so cold!

Germany has already signs of Fall...leaves are falling...fog in the morning...chilling cold at night...a few days ago we had a wonderful weather...perfect...and everyone was complaining about the humidity...I did not even know what they were talking about...humidity? WHERE??? They need to come to GA then they will find out what humidity is LOL

Off to go to do some more work in the yard...:)

Hope everybody is doing fine!


Pea said...

Hello Ivonne,
Oh How I miss Germany especially in the fall. But that is why I moved here. Looks like so much of the area we lived in.
Have a wonderful time with your Mom. You will be back where it is hot and humid soon enough. Besides you are missing all the rain and big storms.

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Hellow Ivonne,

Well, I have never been overseas, but I have lived in Northwest Georgia for 12 years... and how I know about the 200 per cent humidity.. LOL... Here in Pa. they say it's so humid... and I say ,,,what..??? Well, it's cold here now in the evenings and a bit chilly in the daytime with the leaves changing color and falling also..
May you have a wonderful time ... and come home safely..
is it true they eat a lot of cheese, bread and beer in Germany..
if so... bring some back..LOL..

Shay said...

Hi Ivonne!
Oh I'm so happy to hear you made it safe! I love all the pictures of Germany just gorgeous! I would love to visit someday! My Grandparents were stationed there after WWII and said it was the best place they have ever lived. My Dad just loved it as a child, they were there for 3 years. My Grandfather actually flew in the Berlin Airlift. I love seeing pictures from all their trips! Yours are just beautiful too!

Thank you for sharing it with us! Have a wonderful time with your Mom! Many blessings and hugs!