Tuesday, September 30, 2008


This was my last trip...Mom and I went to *Tirol* in Austria :)

The milk cows go in June on the Alps and come down end of September...the people in this village have a tradition...the decorate their cows with flowers and walk them from the Alps through the town...afterwards they had a big fest going on...I posted pictures of people they are showing how things were done in the old days...very interesting!

The cows were so tired...they walked for 5 hours...they looked exhausted! I hope you enjoyed my pictures :) I'm back in the States now...Mom and I had a good time...we only took day trips...we wanted to sleep in our own beds :)


Shay said...

What wonderful pictures! Thank you for sharing your trip with us, you went to so many interesting and beautiful places! I'm so happy to see that you are back safe and had a wonderful time with your Mom! Have a wonderful weekend!
Blessings & hugs,

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Thank you for the tour of Germany and Austria..There is so much beauty and culture to see in these little countries..
Loved all your photos and thank you for sharing !

The Crackling Crows said...

You are very welcome Shay and Linda :) Germany is a really pretty country...the culture is so different...I'm living in the States for 7 years now (and I'm loving it)and every time when I'm going home for a visit I realize how different everything is...I'm happy that I have the opportunity to meet and living in both Countries :)