Sunday, June 8, 2008

*What is wrong with the weather* is sooo very hot here in Georgia...we are in the 100's already and it is only JUNE!!!

Well I shouldn't husband called my from Iraq and they are having 120 and they wearing long sleeve uniforms, gloves, helmet and the heavy gear...I couldn't do it!

I'm trying so hard to keep my grass green...nothing works...I'm not looking forward to my water bill :(

I started to sew again :) I think I will do some Halloween dolls...I know it is a little bit early but Fall and Halloween is my favorite time of the year :) I will keep you updated...

I hope everyone is doing well :)


Terry and Jackie said...

Nice to hear that you are doing fine...a little hot maybe but still do you will yourself to make fall things??? I love all the fall designs and colours but I seem to wait until Sept. to start making anything. What is your secret??
Lovely pictures of St. Augustine too!!
Take Care
Jackie at the door

Jenny said...

WOW, I missed you, girlfriend! Happy that you are makingsome dollies. Halloween is popular, right now. Your stuff is always a hit, though. I cannot wait to see.

It was 95 degrees herein denver today...but back in the 70's tomorrow, so that is nice. I had to water the front yard by hand this evening, just cuz it got soooo hot! I hope it does not continue that way..

If we have a heat wave too early that means snow in September, lovely!

Try to keep cool. Maybe it time to plan some desert shrubs :)



The Crackling Crows said...

Hi Jackie :)

no secret :) I'm from Germany and we don't have Halloween :(
my husband always told me that Halloween is a big thing in the States...I remember the first Halloween in the was so much fun and I liked all the gobbles and ghosts in stores...they inspired is just so different :)

Awww Jenny :) you are so sweet :) I know it seems like a didn't sew a doll in a looong took me a little bit to get back in the swing after Kevin left...

I saw your dolls...girl you are doing some awesome dolls!!! You go girl :)

Primitive Peddlers said...

We're the total opposite here in Idaho. We can't seem to break 70! We've only been in the high 50's to low 60's and we have snow showers in our forecast for tomorrow. How weird is all this weather. I'm glad to see you're back sewing again. Sometimes we just need a break and I don't think it's too early for fall things at all. I'm beginning to see a lot of others creating for fall now too. Happy Stitching!

Cathy :)