Saturday, June 21, 2008

*1st Day of Summer*

It seems like Summer here in GA started a long time ago :) it is incredible hot...I'm looking forward to Fall already :)

I wish everyone a nice summer day...enjoy the weather :)


Jenny Carter said...

HI Ivonne,

That is a nice picture. It is HOT here in Denver too! We could use some rain. Can't wait to see your dolls! Hugs~


~Tonya said...

Yes, Happy Summer to you Ivonne. It has been a bit warmer here too.

I would take the low 70's here any day. I love it when it is more mild.

I bet you are making dollies for the too.


Jennifer MacNeill said...

What an incredibly beautiful picture!

The Crackling Crows Banners said...

Jenny, I know it can get hot in Denver...but at least there is no humidity...
This wonderful picture is copied from the internet...I wish I could make such beautiful pictures...

Yes Tonya, I'm making dolls for the Mercantile and I don't know what to do first...time is running out!!! HELP!

Jennifer, I looked at your do some awesome work!!! I should have put a note on the picture that it is not made by me...

Nancy Malay said...

Summer has also arrived here in Minnesota, and so have the mosquitos!

I'm excited to see your new creations, Ivonne- you always do such beautiful work,


Cookie said...

hey buddy -
hope you are doing well - can't wait to see your newest creations!

When are you heading home to see Mom?

Doreen Frost said...

It seems like it started a long time ago here too!!! Beautiful picture...I love to see hay in the field.

Take care,