Wednesday, June 11, 2008

*My Raindance worked*, we finally received our much needed rain :) with it came some nasty winds...the wind was so strong that my metal flagpole broke of the mount! I couldn't believe it...what is next!!!

Otherwise nothing new here...:(


Jenny Carter said...

Wow, wind here last night too. Scare my doggie and he had to wake me up at 1 am. It was hot yesterday and actually cold today barely 70. Too exteme for me. What ever happened to normal seasonal weather?

Have a good one!


Jamie Lott said...

Could you maybe do a raindance for me?? Mine's not working! We haven't gotten any, just the wind! And what are we, 20 miles away from each other? On that note, I'm off to water the flowers! ;)

Nancy Malay said...

Someone around here has been dancing way to much, Ivonne! It's been raining for weeks straight!


The Crackling Crows Banners said...

Hey that is are only 20 miles away and didn't get any rain...I wish I could send you some :)
But our area is still in trout AGAIN...nothing new! Where do you live Jamie?

LOL Nancy...I know...I stopped :) some States get too much and other States not enough...Indiana is in a bad stage right now...Kevin was raised there :( it is sad to see that!

Talk to you later
hugs Ivonne :)