Monday, May 2, 2011


I decided to take more pictures of that banner to show how beautifully it looks when it is hanging...I thought it would look great to hang in a dining room or big kitchen :)
If you are interested in purchasing it, please email me or click here


Sandy said...

Hi Ivonne, I stopped by "Quilting Daze" today and Darlene recommended your blog and artwork. I too, love it and will be ordering some "Quilting" signs soon!

The Crackling Crows said...

Thank you Sandy :)
I made Quilts banners for her and her friends...I think it is so nice of her :)

overo said...

Auch der ist wieder großartig , Ivonne und von den Fotos bin ich sowieso überwältigt !
Liebe Grüße Heike

Mila said...

Sei un portento Ivonne :)!
You are a prodigy Ivonne :)!
Mila :)