Friday, March 11, 2011



Customers who are on my mailing list know already that Kevin and I are moving
to Maryland in November/December...Kevin is in the Military and it is time to move again...but we are super excited to explore another State :) lots of new things to discover and explore! We heard it is a beautiful State!

I wanted to let you also know that I caught up on my orders and I'm ready to except new orders again :) I thought I'll let you know :) We are putting our House for sale in May...and then the waiting game begins. If we sell the house fast then I will go to Germany for a good while to help out my Mom if not, I will work on banners til I have to pack up my stuff LOL

 If you are interested in placing an order with me, now is a good matter
if you are interested in *Halloween* *Christmas* *4th of July* banners...or a Custom
made banner...need a gift for your Family or Friends...or treat yourself with a banner :)

If you are interested in placing orders or if you would like to have a price quote, please feel
free to contact me at

The banner prices run mostly between $24 - $34...but it also depends how wide the banner is!
I hope this E-mail finds you well and I would love to hear from you :)


dee begg said...

Are you coming to Aberdeen or Ft. Meade or Patuxent? I've live right outside of Baltimore and have lived in Maryland since '82. We have the mountains, the beach and the bay all within a few hours drive from mostly any location here. Not to mention the best tasting blue crabs ever!


The Crackling Crows said...

Yes, Kevin will work in Aberdeen Proving Grounds and we would like to find a house in Bel sounds so exciting!!! We love the Mountains and the Beach...woohoo :)

Anonymous said...

good luck Ivonne! You will love MD. I live over the border in the panhandle of WV and always said I wished we picked MD to live - it is pretty has a clean look almost everywhere I've been there!! To live near the water would be a dream come true. And the shopping is pretty good too!!lol Jeannette

Jean @ Prim Crafts said...

I use to live just north of Bel Air! It's the hub of Harford Co.
Maryland is a great state like Dee said, lots to do and see. You'll also have to experience Lancaster PA- Amish country, lots of wonderful shops there.
I use to work for Park Moving and Storage doing military moves in and out of APG. Gosh what a small world. Hope it goes smooth for you.

dee begg said...

Oh, you will love Bel Air. Rural surroundings and still every convenience right there. They have a huge crafts fair in September. You'll be 1/2 hr from me. Also the bay is only a hop, skip and a jump from there. You'll love the area. Plus you can hop on I-95 and get to Philadelphia in a little over an hour, or go the other way and be in downtown Baltimore in little more than a 1/2 hr or continue on to DC for another hr and be able to take in all the sights.


Isabel said...

Awesome Good Luck!!! My Bfriend lives in Maryland has been there since 2000:O) Coast Guard:O) You will Love it:O)

Cyn said...

Good luck with your move! I have lived in Arizona my whole life..but would love to be able to see other states :)

The Crackling Crows said...

Thank you all so much Ladies :) I'm always up for something new but back in head I'm always a little bit scared of new things LOL
A huge Craft fair??? Oh my gosh...YEAH...I wasn't at a craft fair since we left Colorado in 2004...that was always a good one!
Amish Country...can't wait to see it!!! know were we are going to be at New Year eve...hopefully in NY...we are excited to see all the new things!

Mila said...

Ciao Ivonne,
I wish you Good luck :)) for this new exiting adventure! Wonderful can live in many US States!
Mila :)