Wednesday, October 13, 2010

*New Blog*

The Contessa-Nettel AG Stuttgart was a German company that resulted from a merger of Contessa Camerawerke Drexler & Nagel and Nettel Camerawerk in the year 1919. After a time of cooperation with ICA it became part of Zeiss Ikon in 1926.

I found this old Contessa Nettel in an Antique Store...I love it! Of course
I can not use it...but it is nice to look at it.

I will work on a new Blog for Photography...I don't want to bore people with my
Photographs LOL I will call it *Mein Bilderbuch* in English my *My Picture Book* will
take me a while to set it up but I will let you know when I'm done :)

I always always loved Photography...I'm a beginner but I want to get
better and hopefully I'm able to take some classes...that would be fun :)