Tuesday, April 29, 2008

*B* stands for Betsy

Good Afternoon...I did some slight changes on my Americana doll *Betsy* I thought she was a little bit plain looking...so I spiced her up a lil...
She will be listed on the 1st at TDIPT Mercantile...


Terry and Jackie said...

What a beautiful doll!! I viewed your slide show and it's just awesome. I changed the link on our blog to connect to your new site.
Jackie at The Door

~Tonya said...

Your dollies are always so sweet Ivonne.

I see that picture of you and Kevin...very sweet. So pretty.

I bet you can't wait for Kevin to come back for his visit...most likely in flight already.

Have FUN when he comes home.


Cookie said...

love all the offerings this month Ivonne!

your hands always make magic :)

The Crackling Crows said...

Thank you Jackie and Tonya for the compliment on my dolls :)

Oh yes...I'm super happy that he is coming home...not for long but better than nothing...I think he is on his flight already...I can only guess...he is not allowed to tell me when his plane is leaving.

hugs Ivonne

softinthehead said...

I am so happy I found your blog Ivonne! I miss seeing you on the PFATT Marketplace. I just love seeing all your new creations! You are so talented! Congrats on hubby's return. Enjoy every precious minute! I've added you to my favs list cause you are just that, one of my favs! All the best, Pam

rockriverstitches said...

Ivonne, Your Betsy doll is gorgeous! Was wondering what happened to you. When I went to your blog it said it was deleted. Then I found you via Cathy's Primitive Peddlers site! Will have to update your link on my blog. Good to see you again!